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Formalities Games Interactive Dances
  • Cocktails
• Grand Entrance
• Hora (guests of honor lifted in chair)
• Candle Lighting
• Cup of Life
• Toasts
• Blessings (Hamotzi and Kiddish)
• Dinner
• Guest of Honor Dance
• Parent Dances
• Grand Finally
• Last Dance 

Of coarse we will also be keeping you on the dance floor with dancing and games!

• Hula Hoop Contest
• Limbo Contest
• Snowball Dance
• Musical Chairs
• Coke and Pepsi
• Mummy Wrap
• Connect
• Balloon Body
• Trivia Quiz
• Scavenger Hunt
• Basketball Free Throw
• Pass the Guess
• Giant Twister
• Simon Says
• Freeze Dance
• Huggy Bear
• Dance Contest
• Cha Cha Slide
• Cotton Eye Joe
• Cupid Shuffle
• Electric Slide
• Crank Dat, Supaman
• Conga
• Limbo
• Thriller
• Hoe Down Throw Down
• Hora
• Macarena
• Respect
• Tonto "Jump On It"
• DJ Labbe Dance
• New York New York
• The Train
• And Many More


Some game descriptions (prizes included)
1. Hula Hoop Contest:   We start off with 3 or 4 separate lines of participants. The first round is between the first participants in each line. The longest person without dropping the hula hoop is the winner of that round and advances to the finals. This goes on until we have a tie or a final winner.
2. Limbo Contest:   We start off with a long line of participants. Each person must move forward under the limbo pole without touching the pole or the ground. We lower the pole after each cycle of participants. The winner is able to make it under once the pole has reached it's lowest point
3. Snowball Dance:   The guest of honor(s) starts out on the dance floor with a slow partner. When the MC says "SNOWBALL" the two dancing stop and quickly run to get a new dance partner. This happens over and over until everyone is dancing
4. Musical Chairs :   We play a song and the group walks around the chairs until the music stops. When the music stops everyone must quickly find a seat. The one(s) left standing is out. We then remove a chair or two and do it again. This repeats until we have a final winner.
5. Coke and Pepsi:   One team is Coke and the other is Pepsi. When the MC says "Coke" everyone on the Coke team must quickly run over to the other side and sit on the knee of Pepsi. The last one to get to the other side is eliminated. Other variations included are Surge, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Pepsi Twist, Code Red etc. The final winners are the last two standing - Great game!
6. Mummy Wrap:   We select up to four volunteers to be the Mummy. Each Mummy has two wrappers. The wrappers will have a certain amount of time to "wrap" the Mummy with the toilet paper. The team with the most wrapped Mummy wins.
7. Connect:   We form a circle on the dance floor and have everyone in the circle join hands. Hula-hoops are place between participants. When the music plays everyone has to get their body through the hula-Hoop and on to the next person. When the music stops, the person still wearing the Hula-Hoop is eliminated. If your hands disconnect you are out as well. The last two participants win a prize.
8. Balloon Body:   Several teams are assembled and a "body" is selected to represent the team. The team members are given balloons while the "body" is fitted with an oversized t-shirt! The team with the most balloons in the shirt wins!
9. Trivia Quiz:   We will need 15 questions and answers from you. - We sit the Bar/Bat Mitzvah boy/girl on a chair on the dance floor during dinner and have all the kids sit on the floor around him/her. The questions are, for example.....What's my favorite food? What is my favorite sport? What is my pet dog's name? Each correct answer wins a prize.  This is very good while the adults are still eating and the kids have finished their food.


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